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The true potential of a lock is in its ability to withstand and protect. Many locks undergo years of wear and tear and still function efficiently. There’s always a limit to that potential and in order to ensure that a lock is working at its full potential, it needs to be examined by experts from time to time. If you can see that your locks are in a shabby condition well, it’s easy for a robber or a petty thief to notice that too. So to prevent any mishap you should reach out to an expert locksmith in San Jose and protect yourself or your house from becoming a soft target for these unwelcomed guests. Without much further ado reach out to us San Jose Emergency Locksmith. If you are looking for A1 locksmiths in San Jose you have reached the right destination. Besides providing commercial and residential services, we also provide car locksmiths in San Jose helping you fix your lock and key concerns and also double up as motorcycle locksmiths in San Jose, making us a full-fledged one-stop solution provider in the region!

Need help with your locks? Want to get keys made? Require assistance in a lockout? 408-461-3466 is the only number you need!

What sets us apart?

San Jose is a charter city and so there are some state laws that long term businesses need to adhere to. It is our responsibility to convey that our services are in compliance with the laws and we would never disregard any. That is what makes us different from other firms.

We started our business with one motive and that was to deliver quality service and we still stick by it. San Jose Emergency Locksmith have been in the industry for over 10 years now. We charge a very minimal fee and we have no hidden costs.

If you feel that you are left to deal with your old locks all by yourself. Then we might just surprise you. Our services are all-inclusive and just a phone call away. We work 24/7 and deliver prompt and reliable assistance.

Fast Response Time:

What is more affordable, a highly-priced service in the day or a service which can be availed any time at regular prices? The one with regular prices right! Yes, it is us who provide services at premium standard prices that cannot be matched. What makes us the A1 locksmith in San Jose? Our lightning-fast response. Be it 2 am or 2 pm, extreme heat or cold season, our team of experts is always available through phone calls. You just have to do either of the two. Our service is guaranteed. Any lockout assistance or simply lost your keys? Don't see the address book? Here's our number: 408-461-3466.


San Jose is considered a notable center of innovation. Having said that, San Jose Emergency Locksmith is known for innovative services as well. We upgrade our services and train our experts, but we still manage to provide all of these at the same price. We do not believe in exploiting our customers in the name of any hidden costs. Recruitment involves shortlisting the best talents and making them professionals. Our team of experts undergoes extensive training before they face any real-world situation. We ensure that they are not only trained in the technical background but also in soft skills. Soft skills are one of the main characteristics that make our employees, experts!

We have trained our experts with all forms of social, interpersonal and locksmithing skills. They undergo extensive training to be the best locksmiths in San Jose. Our ultimate goal has always been customer satisfaction and we have achieved the same by serving thousands of customers over the past 10 years.

Remote Locations:

If you are stuck in an undefined location where no help can be found, quickly place a call to us. Our mobile vans that are strategically placed in and around San Jose will track down your location and reach within 15-20 minutes. Try not to panic until help arrives. You might require the expertise of a motorcycle locksmith or a car locksmith. Well, don’t fret we have the best residential, commercial, car and  motorcycle locksmiths in San Jose, on our team.


San Jose is a populated city and setting up a business in a city like this was no cakewalk. All we needed was continuous efforts and true determination toward fulfilling our goals. We provide the following services:


Cars are not meant to be stationary, right? They travel from one place to another and need proper maintenance. When was the last time you gave your car a wash and took it for repairs and maintenance? Not too long ago, we hope. Improper maintenance is the reason why car locks are jammed easily and may result in you getting locked out of your car. But don’t worry, we have exclusive  car locksmiths in San Jose, to cater to all your car lock needs at an affordable cost. We also make transponder keys, unlock trunks, fix locks, repair ignition, retrieve keys locked in the car and much more.


If you need a residential locksmith service provider to install new door locks or set up a security alarm system; if you faced a break-in earlier and would now want to be more careful about your home security, you might just be in the right place. We at San Jose Emergency Locksmith come with a wide range of residential locksmith services and solutions that you may need. Call us now to explore all our essential security-related services. From rekeying to installing garage door locks, you can choose from an array of services. You can also call us for house lockout assistance in the middle of the night!


Business houses need a lot of equipment to protect their environment. We understand that there are a lot of things you deal with every day, so you might just want to leave the security to us. We will take care of the entire security system and you will not need to waste your productive day checking on the work we do. Our services ensure that no further damage is caused while we are working. Call us to get an expert’s advice on the nature of your requirement. Our locksmiths in San Jose  can deliver a range of services, right from installing high security locks to keyless access systems to upgrading your door hardware!


Have you been locked out? Faced difficulties with your jammed door locks? Not to worry, when San Jose Emergency Locksmith is around the corner. Be it key cutting services, master lock rekeying, rekeying or whatever you need, all of these can be done 24/7 by the best professionals found under one roof. Thanks to our round the clock assistance, you don’t have to wait until morning or a Monday to get the job done!

Locks are the only barrier between you and the outside world. You need a professional’s guidance to secure your world. You just have to call us at 408-461-3466 and let us know about what services you would want to avail. From home security consultation to basic lock repair, we can do it all! We are the A1 locksmith in San Jose for a reason. Still unsure? Ask for a free quote now!


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